Empowering Students for Success in School and Future Career Paths

Pathfinder Educational Advocacy Centered Empowerment (PEACE) partners with families, educators, and community agencies to ensure that our children receive the best possible education and support for the whole child to obtain the skills and opportunities to be successful in school and career paths.

Through collaboration, data driven solutions, instruction, and training, our students will develop the confidence and skills to achieve in school and successfully transition to their career paths. Our team of educational advocates will collaborate with families, schools, and community agencies to identify and facilitate the necessary support struggling learners need to become confident, empowered learners ensuring a successful transition from school to career.



After obtaining parental or adult student consent to obtain and collaborate with schools for records and administering skills inventories, we will meet in person to review strengths and weaknesses and provide an individual targeted plan of recommendation of services.



Through research-based interventions and curriculum individual/small group lessons and training will be provided in academics, executive functioning, self- determination/advocacy, social, and career path skills.


504 Plans, IEP,
and Matrix Review

Our highly qualified educational advocates will review evaluations, previous and current interventions, 504 or Individual Education Plans, goals, accommodations, and progress reports to collaborate with the family, school, district, and state level, as applicable, based on the findings and facilitate on recommendations for initial/updated 504 plans and Individualized Education Plans.

Linda Hamid-Fiore

After 37 years of experience as a Teacher, Administrator, and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Facilitator working with students, families, and the community of Polk County has developed a passion in me to empower our children and those who have the greatest impact on their success. I’ve observed the public educational system decline in the ability to support all students. The direct services our students and families need are being compromised by the lack of communication, instructional materials, and support staff at the school level for our struggling students.

Due to legislation, organizational restructuring, distribution of funds, and lack of personnel training that directly influence the success of our students, our students are falling further behind without hope and direction for their future. The expectation for students and families to access information, education, and training in the virtual setting leaves behind a large portion of our children and families who struggle with these platforms. Even the most technically inclined will encounter the lack of these services due to poor systems or resources needed to thrive.

The last 17 years as the ESE Facilitator at George Jenkins High School has driven my passion to provide solutions for students’ educational needs and bring PEACE of mind to the families and community influencers wanting the greatest educational and career opportunities for our children. As I pursue my passion for empowering students and collaborating with stakeholders to pave the way for our youth to success, PEACE ensures peace of mind for parents and community leaders. Our commitment guarantees that every student is equipped with the skills and support needed to thrive academically and vocationally.

Linda Hamid-Fiore

Owner, Educational Advocate of Pathfinder Educational Advocacy Centered Empowerment


Students are Falling Behind

Due to the lack of training, advocacy, and limited resources, students are falling behind in academics across the curriculum, independent functioning skills, self- regulatory behaviors, and establishing and monitoring realistic long- term plans for transitioning from school to the work force.


Establish a Personalized Plan

PEACE will identify areas of needs for each student by reviewing current data, administering research-based inventories of current academics, independence, social, and career skills to establish a plan of action to address each area of concern from collaborating with the schools, providing instruction in skills areas, and communicating with community influencers to ensure every student is equipped with the skills and confidence to transition from school to career.

Pathfinder Educational Advocacy Centered Empowerment

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Our Founder, Linda Hamid-Fiore is an educational consultant, advocate, and coach with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Masters of Science in Educational Leadership. Her 37 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and ESE facilitator working with students, families, and the community of Polk County has developed a passion in her to invest in our children.

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